Winter Blahs?

DSC04555It would be an amazing fete for me to actually keep up with my blogging this year.  At the very least, to post pictures so that you can see the beauty of flowers after they have been dried.  I have no excuses………..just laziness when it comes to organizing my thoughts.  And here it is, January 17, another fantastic winter day.  The glory of the warmth we are enjoying this year should be enough to inspire me to carry on with my work in pure joy!!!

This, then, will be the plan.

May you have a great day today filled with motivating grand things to do!  Let’s enjoy 2012 together!



(PS – the flowers above were just part of a bride’s bouquet.  This family did not want too much so just a small box was made with the words to their special song added in the frame.  You don’t need the entire bouquet for a box to be beautiful!)

Pretending it’s Spring

My Magnolia....can't wait for this to become real again!
My Magnolia….can’t wait for this to become real again!

Just thought I’d put up something “Springy” to make me feel good.

I’m cold……..and a bit sick of winter.
This picture takes out the sting….if just for a moment.
I hope you’re all staying warm wherever you are!

Long Winter



It, indeed, has been a long winter.  Mountains of snow and an old body that just said “NO” to shoveling anymore.  Everything hurts and when you get older……well, the pains just never go away.

Thank God for Springtime.  Even with aches and pains……..Spring is a time for hope and renewal.  I look forward to this renewal…….even today (which is supposed to be rainy and cold).  I do believe I will go out to the studio and get an early start.  I can’t seem to sleep……being creative just might be the breath of fresh air that I need. 

May your day be filled with beauty,




Before I finished the shadowbox above the words “I have to and I must” were constantly on my mind and lips.  Did you know that those very words actually cause you to procrastinate on your projects or life to-do list even more?  How many of you out there suffer with the procrastination bug as I do?  I am learning to change that and it’s a lot easier to change than I realized. (more…)

Have you remembered to say “thank you” today?


custom image

I admit it….I hate to write thank you notes.  Don’t get me wrong now, I think thank yous are very important and I love to get them.  My mom drove this into my head at a very young age.  She was a navy wife. ” Protocal” was the word at our house.  I always knew the value of a note – or so I thought.  It, however, took me forever to get one written.  I am a procrastinator, pure and simple.  Why already since I’ve started this post I’ve checked my email and facebook approximately 3 times! (more…)