Have you remembered to say “thank you” today?


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I admit it….I hate to write thank you notes.  Don’t get me wrong now, I think thank yous are very important and I love to get them.  My mom drove this into my head at a very young age.  She was a navy wife. ” Protocal” was the word at our house.  I always knew the value of a note – or so I thought.  It, however, took me forever to get one written.  I am a procrastinator, pure and simple.  Why already since I’ve started this post I’ve checked my email and facebook approximately 3 times!

Though I procrastinate I do eventually get my notes done.  Sometimes, though, it takes me months to finally sit my butt down to do it.  I’ve often thought “what’s the point in doing it now when all this time has gone by?”.  Here’s the point…….it’s important to make someone’s day no matter how long it takes you to get around to it.  Not only that….you never know how you’re affecting someone’s life by that simple act.  Those of us who write them and those of us who receive them have different views on the subject.  Since I am both writer and receiver (as I’m sure you are as well) I can objectively look at this situation.

I’ve had Anne Bruening Originals for 20 years.  There is a reason for this.  My customers are the best people in the whole world.  20 years of getting to know them and caring about them.  Many businesses will offer coupons and such because of their appreciation.  I’ve done that myself plus several other things over the years that are not public knowledge.  But I have this other part of me that desparately wants my clients to know that I don’t want you to think I want money out of you all the time.  I want you to know how special I  truly think you are and how much I appreciate that you have come to me.  How do you do this unless you write them a note?  And so……I’ve begun note writing.  You write it and finish it and put it in the mail and  you forget about it.

And then……one day out of the blue……..you hear how a note affected someone when they got it.  You find out that it mattered.  You find out that it didn’t matter that a lot of time went by and that just maybe that note got there at a time they needed it most.  It makes you think………and it fills your heart.

Let someone know you care about them today……..just because.  It makes all the difference in the world!



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