Before I finished the shadowbox above the words “I have to and I must” were constantly on my mind and lips.  Did you know that those very words actually cause you to procrastinate on your projects or life to-do list even more?  How many of you out there suffer with the procrastination bug as I do?  I am learning to change that and it’s a lot easier to change than I realized.

For years I have spent putting things off because the task  just seemed so overwhelming I couldn’t bring myself to get started.  That’s the hard part “getting started”.  We are so worried about how it will turn out, that we never get to the starting point until push comes to shove and sometimes it’s too late.

So I will not ramble this morning because life holds so many things in store for the day.  I know this:  it’s all good and I am learning day by day to enjoy every moment that is presented to me.  Procrastination is not impossible to overcome and as I learn to tackle this issue each new day will bring with it more joy than the day before.

Have a wonderfully productive work and play day folks.  We only get one life to live.  Make the most of it!



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