My Own Flowers!


This order was a thrill for me to do.  Why?  (more…)


ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  Not unless you have a true death wish for them.  My first encounter, with frozen flowers from a clients’  freezer was several years ago.  She had put all her childrens’  flowers in the freezer throughout the years.  They looked beautiful all those years…………right up until the day they were taken out and given to me.  My client wanted me to make some kind of arrangement with all of the flowers to treasure.  That was back in the day before I owned a digital camera…….I’m not sure many of us owned one then…………and I would have taken a picture just to keep in my files – possibly to pull out for a blog such as this one.  I brought the beautiful flowers home with me only to have my heart sink when they thawed!  THEY LOOKED HORRIBLE…..EVEN BEYOND HORRIBLE.  And how was I going to explain it to her when I wasn’t sure that something I did or did not do may have been the cause for this nasty state of things? (more…)

You Can Make Your Own Shadowbox!!!



You don’t have to buy my shadowboxes.  If you would like to make your own and bring it to me to put the flowers in – well that’s a great plan too.  I’m easy!  This client did a tremendous job building this beautiful box!  And it makes the gift even more special to the receiver!  I loved their work so much I just had to post it!

“Hey Anne, can I save my own flowers instead of paying you to do it?”

I thought of doing this post when a phone call came the other day requesting information.  I am not always out to get your money.  (more…)