ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  Not unless you have a true death wish for them.  My first encounter, with frozen flowers from a clients’  freezer was several years ago.  She had put all her childrens’  flowers in the freezer throughout the years.  They looked beautiful all those years…………right up until the day they were taken out and given to me.  My client wanted me to make some kind of arrangement with all of the flowers to treasure.  That was back in the day before I owned a digital camera…….I’m not sure many of us owned one then…………and I would have taken a picture just to keep in my files – possibly to pull out for a blog such as this one.  I brought the beautiful flowers home with me only to have my heart sink when they thawed!  THEY LOOKED HORRIBLE…..EVEN BEYOND HORRIBLE.  And how was I going to explain it to her when I wasn’t sure that something I did or did not do may have been the cause for this nasty state of things?

Of course, I’ve since learned that there was nothing I could have done.  I actually have had many flowers brought to me since that time that have gotten frozen: perhaps the “cold” garage was more than cold, the back of the refridgerator was colder than what you thought, or just plain putting them in the freezer thinking this was the best thing to do.  Maybe the term “Freeze Dried Flowers” has confused people.  I’m convinced that the general public really does not know what they’re asking for when they ask “do you do freeze dried flowers?”  I think they hear “freeze” in their mind and perhaps assume that putting flowers in the freezer is ok.  IT IS NOT OK

Think Spring and how we are very careful when to plant our new flowers.  We watch the weather carefully.  Why?  Because we know we do not want our new flowers to freeze……it will kill them.  And while I’m a professional who is paid to kill flowers……….placing them in the freezer is not the way to begin  the process.  There are beautiful “dead” flowers and there are ugly, ugly, ugly “dead” flowers.  I am a preserver of the beautiful dead flowers………..and you will help me to do my job better by NOT putting them in the freezer before you get them to me.



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