“Hey Anne, can I save my own flowers instead of paying you to do it?”

I thought of doing this post when a phone call came the other day requesting information.  I am not always out to get your money.  Though it would be nice to have you come here it is not necessary if you are looking to do something simply and without a large expense to your wallet or credit card.  Let’s say someone gives you a dozen roses that you just have to save and you don’t want to take them anywhere……..what can you do?  There are a couple of answers here for you:

1.  You can leave them sitting in the vases til the flowers droop and dry in place.  Not a nice effect but something many of us do because we want to enjoy them for as long as possible.

2.  If you really wish to save them and are not set up with freeze drying equipment or silica gel in your home then hanging them to dry is a great option.  Here are some tips for hanging your flowers:          a)Take them out of the vase while the roses are still fresh and firm to the touch.  b)Strip them of most of their leaves, turn upside down and straddle the stems so that the heads are not touching each other while they’re hanging.  c) Cut the bottoms of the stems so they are all even when you fasten them together.  d)Wrap several rubber bands around the bottom of the stems.  The rubber bands will shrink as your flowers shrink in the drying process and continue to hold them together.  If you tie them with yarn or something along that line your flowers will fall out of the yarn when shrinking.  You won’t like that result either!  e)Hang your flowers in a dark dry area – in the summer time attics are great for this.  It’s HOT HOT HOT up there and your flowers can dry in a matter of a couple days.  Damp basements and garages are a no no.  Too much humidity and flowers will not dry properly and may mold before they have dried!

When your flowers are dry then put them back in a vase with some dried greens and you’ll be good to go!  This is just the simplest form of drying flowers and it will not work on all the flowers you bring into your house.  Experiment on your own and see what you like.  That’s how I started.  And remember, if you have questions I am a phone call away and will be glad to help in any way that I can.



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  1. Every time i come here I am not dissapointed, nice post

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