Rainy Winter Day – this is my kind of January


I admit, I’m thinkin’ Spring these days.  After the last 2 nasty winters I think we’re due for this mild one we’ve been having.  Can I hear an “Amen”?  That means that your wedding may be just around the corner.  Don’t forget about preserving your bouquet.  You certainly will be spending enough money on it!  Even if you only save one or two flowers it will be worth it.

I’m sentimental.  I’ll never push you into spending your arms and legs with me.  I just like to see the bride have something even if it’s a small item.  You won’t regret it!



Winter Blahs?

DSC04555It would be an amazing fete for me to actually keep up with my blogging this year.  At the very least, to post pictures so that you can see the beauty of flowers after they have been dried.  I have no excuses………..just laziness when it comes to organizing my thoughts.  And here it is, January 17, another fantastic winter day.  The glory of the warmth we are enjoying this year should be enough to inspire me to carry on with my work in pure joy!!!

This, then, will be the plan.

May you have a great day today filled with motivating grand things to do!  Let’s enjoy 2012 together!



(PS – the flowers above were just part of a bride’s bouquet.  This family did not want too much so just a small box was made with the words to their special song added in the frame.  You don’t need the entire bouquet for a box to be beautiful!)

Is Life Passing You By?



Yeah………well it certainly is passing me by.  Since I last updated my blog the entire summer has come and gone.  Now I’m looking at lush grass which will, not too long from now, be covered in snow.  Ok……..enough of that.

Here’s hoping you have had a wonderful summer.  Just wanted to let you know that Anne Bruening Originals is alive and well and busy preserving some of the most beautiful flowers (because that’s what you all bring to me).  What a great way to pass my time.  Remember……..if you have any questions……..I’m always glad to help. 

Here’s to a wonderful Fall.



Pretending it’s Spring

My Magnolia....can't wait for this to become real again!
My Magnolia….can’t wait for this to become real again!

Just thought I’d put up something “Springy” to make me feel good.

I’m cold……..and a bit sick of winter.
This picture takes out the sting….if just for a moment.
I hope you’re all staying warm wherever you are!

It’s all about the preservation!

How great to save the flowers from the BEST day of your life!

At least that’s my opinion………



I LOVE this story!

Think back to July”ish” 2010.  What were you doing that month?

A mom took her daughter and 2 of her daughter’s friends to a Justin Bieber concert.  The place was rockin’ with over 20,000 screaming fans!  Picture this:  an arena (or whatever) is jammed with human bodies packed together like sardines and YOU get picked out of all those sardines to go up on-stage to be sung to by the “star”!  Wow……..my heart’s beating fast at the thought of it (tho I would be excited over Crosy, Stills and Nash NOT Justin Bieber!).

And……….Lucky me……….I got to preserve the flowers that were given to this young lady.  Let me tell you…….that was fun.  What a memory preserved for her lifetime to enjoy.  Does it get any better than that?  I think not!

Have a great day folks!




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Ok……it’s been eons since I’ve written.  So much going on.  But I looked in my web-ready pictures to see what needed to be on my website and realized I have not downloaded pictures in a very long time.  There are some shadowboxes I was thrilled to do and never even got up on my site.  Yep………I’ve been lazy?  Or maybe just overwhelmed……at any rate……please browse the Floral Preservation Gallery pictures.  There are new ones up and many more to come.    Oh that I had 4 hands to work with.

Have a blessed day beyond measure folks.


“Weathered Bouquets”


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When these flowers came I was disheartened.  They had been through the mill at the wedding and traveled a few hours to get to me.  And they were mostly orchids to boot which made my heart sink even more.  I am always honest with my clients.  Why lie?  If you don’t tell them right up front that some flowers do not come out well don’t you think they’ll question the final product when you hand it over to them?  Orchids are tough and they are moody and I honestly don’t know what I’m going to get when I open up the box I have them drying in.  I’ve studied lots of different  photos on the internet.  I’ve only read one who has no problem with orchids and of course they are not willing to share their secret.  Frankly I share with anyone who wants to know how I do what I do.  It’s not like all people are going to run out and start their own flower preserving business just like that.  It takes patience, for one thing, because it can be a very tedious process from beginning to end.

At any rate, the flowers arrived and I always try to save something because I think it’s so important to have a treasure from a special event.  Even if I can only get one or two flowers something pretty can be made.  Fortunately for me they also sent with the Bride’s bouquet a centerpiece from one of the reception tables.  Though it was not in the best of shapes, there was promise.  A little mixing and matching and here is the finished product.  I loved it.  Aged, yes – but lovely just the same.  I know that other shops will replace flowers because a bouquet has gotten pretty beat up.  I like to use what’s given to me anyway.  I just think that there is something holding that Bride’s heart when she knows those were the actual flowers she carried or the actual flowers that were on the tables at her reception. 

I’m kind of sentimental that way.



“The Flowers Look So Real” she said.



 click the picture to enlarge.


“The flowers look so real”  she said.  That always amuses me when I get that comment……..and I get it often.  “They are real” I always answer.  And it’s true…….they are.  And isn’t that just the best?  To be able to keep your actual flowers that mean so much to you?

That’s what I’m thinkin’.

Old Fashioned & Beautiful!

I don’t update nearly enough.  Maybe it’s the humidity…….maybe the “to do” list is overwhelming…….who knows…….but I got to thinking about this shadowbox the other day and decided this would be my next post.  And maybe I’ll just update by posting the finished orders.  A wonderful grandma had just died and this shadowbox was given as a gift to her daughter.  What I find so precious about this item is the wedding picture of grandma in the frame.  So beautiful.  What a wonderful memory to treasure.  And the tulips!  Could not believe how beautiful the tulips came out.  I’ll tell you what I love…..opening the boxes of flowers buried in silica gel and being amazed at the beauty of the flowers when they’re done drying.  For me it’s like opening Christmas presents and I never tire of it!

May your day be filled with beauty.