Here I go again.  I make grand promises to myself and it never gets very far.  I intended to update this blog monthly at the very least.  And here a year has gone by.  Sometimes I figure what more can one say about floral preservation?  But really – it is wedding time and, indeed, something ought to be said.  When you have your beautiful flowers in your hand on your wedding day this summer you’re going to suddenly want to find someone who preserves flowers.  Thinking about it before it happens would be the best way to go – but if you have forgotten to put it on your “to do” list and the big day is over……….don’t fret!  Throw that bouquet into some family members’ hands and say “FIND SOMEONE TO PRESERVE THIS” – and then leave them with their mouth hanging open while you go and enjoy your honeymoon!

I’m here for ya!  It’s never too late to save something from that bouquet!



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