Here I go again.  I make grand promises to myself and it never gets very far.  I intended to update this blog monthly at the very least.  And here a year has gone by.  Sometimes I figure what more can one say about floral preservation?  But really – it is wedding time and, indeed, something ought to be said.  When you have your beautiful flowers in your hand on your wedding day this summer you’re going to suddenly want to find someone who preserves flowers.  Thinking about it before it happens would be the best way to go – but if you have forgotten to put it on your “to do” list and the big day is over……….don’t fret!  Throw that bouquet into some family members’ hands and say “FIND SOMEONE TO PRESERVE THIS” – and then leave them with their mouth hanging open while you go and enjoy your honeymoon!

I’m here for ya!  It’s never too late to save something from that bouquet!




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Ok……it’s been eons since I’ve written.  So much going on.  But I looked in my web-ready pictures to see what needed to be on my website and realized I have not downloaded pictures in a very long time.  There are some shadowboxes I was thrilled to do and never even got up on my site.  Yep………I’ve been lazy?  Or maybe just overwhelmed……at any rate……please browse the Floral Preservation Gallery pictures.  There are new ones up and many more to come.    Oh that I had 4 hands to work with.

Have a blessed day beyond measure folks.


ABO Open House – More than just Preservation


20 years ago began a love affair for “saving” the outdoors inside my home. While many would prefer silks for their always fresh look – I have to say I love the look and feel of the actual creation that God gave us to begin with as adornment to my home. It was this love for the “real” that brought my heart to a place of wanting to capture that outdoor beauty and keep it on display for as long as possible. Thus the beginning of Anne Bruening Originals “enchanting dried florals & designs”.

Economy being what it is, however, the retail end of the shop has changed much over the last few years to be mostly (I bet 98%) preservation of your flowers from your special events. BUT NOT SO at Open House time! During this time of year you’ll find here: wreaths (both for holiday and home), Christmas trees, angels, ornaments, gift bags, pressed flowers, crosses, paper weights etc… each one meticulousy hand-crafted(yep! even the gift bags are hand-crafted). No two items are the same and some (like a larger Christmas tree) can take 3 or more hours to craft. And when I say larger, I’m talking a 15 inch tree! It’s all in the details. And to me there is nothing more beautiful than the “natural” for a picture perfect homespun Christmas! (of course, I think that for any time of year as well)!

So please come and enjoy a time of fellowship, refreshments and door prizes at my annual Open House on Friday, November 13 and Saturday, November 14 from 10:00am to 7:00pm. For an extra treat – most items in the shop will be 20% off in celebration of 20 years of service to the community. (This does not include items that may be already on sale or my shadowboxes). It should be a fun weekend for the community – Holiday Shop Hop in New Wilmington (with the Grand Prize to be announced) and Christmas Open House in Volant.

Shop Local – You won’t regret it! There’s something for everyone.



It’s September Folks!

The studio is open to the public from now until December 23, 2009.

Shop Hours:  Monday,  Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays from 11:00 to 5:00 pm.

All other days,evenings (Sundays too)  by appointment only.

And…….If I’m home and you come up the driveway to my studio I will be happy to open for you.

See you in the studio!



Bridal Bouquet Reminder…


It is the wedding season!  Consider having your flowers preserved to enjoy for years to come.  You don’t have to spend all your money to do so.  I have items that will fit all budgets……….even as low as $25.00.  So think about having something preserved from your special day.  You won’t regret it!