Floral Preservation or Bust – Part 1

Stupid title?  Not so sure.  18 years in the industry and hours of research show that this is a much overlooked venue.  Even the wedding industry rarely mentions floral preservation on its’ “to-do” lists for the bride.  Yet here’s the problem – it IS one of the first things the bride thinks about when her actual wedding day arrives!

The usual scenario goes something like this:  Doorbell rings, florist arrives with flowers, bride is mesmorized by her beautiful bouquet.  Never in her wildest dreams did she ever realize how beautiful those flowers would be.  That’s when she decides she wants them saved.  Mom is left with the task of finding someone AFTER the wedding is over.

Brides – get this on your list of things to do before your wedding day.  Don’t be caught off-guard by the beauty of your flowers and then have the chance of them being ruined because you didn’t take the time to check out your options.  Check out the internet for floral preservation in your area or nearby area.  Many times your florist will know of someone who is skilled in this trade. 

More on this next time!



Flowers & Freezing DO NOT MIX

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                It’s been a bitter winter here in Pennsylvania and I am so ready for this frigid weather to come to an end.  However, it has gotten me to thinking about flowers this time of year.  We all know that we have to be careful about when to plant our gardens in the Spring incase of a late freeze – but have you ever thought about the flowers that mean so much to you on your wedding day if you get married in January?    (more…)


ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  Not unless you have a true death wish for them.  My first encounter, with frozen flowers from a clients’  freezer was several years ago.  She had put all her childrens’  flowers in the freezer throughout the years.  They looked beautiful all those years…………right up until the day they were taken out and given to me.  My client wanted me to make some kind of arrangement with all of the flowers to treasure.  That was back in the day before I owned a digital camera…….I’m not sure many of us owned one then…………and I would have taken a picture just to keep in my files – possibly to pull out for a blog such as this one.  I brought the beautiful flowers home with me only to have my heart sink when they thawed!  THEY LOOKED HORRIBLE…..EVEN BEYOND HORRIBLE.  And how was I going to explain it to her when I wasn’t sure that something I did or did not do may have been the cause for this nasty state of things? (more…)