Before and After


Flowers & Freezing DO NOT MIX

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                It’s been a bitter winter here in Pennsylvania and I am so ready for this frigid weather to come to an end.  However, it has gotten me to thinking about flowers this time of year.  We all know that we have to be careful about when to plant our gardens in the Spring incase of a late freeze – but have you ever thought about the flowers that mean so much to you on your wedding day if you get married in January?    (more…)


PERFECTION.  Isn’t that what we all strive for?  Is that even realistic?  Well………..you won’t get perfection with me! (perhaps I’d better clarify).

What you bring to me is what you are going to get back when the product is finished.  If your flowers have arrived beaten up, smashed, browned on the edges – well – that’s what’s going to be returned to you.  (Click on the picture for a closer look.  You’ll see the browned edges on the roses.)  Unless you have given me instructions to go purchase new flowers then you’re going to get back exactly what you gave to me.

But isn’t that the best anyway?  As I’ve said in the past – I’m sentimental – and I would want the flowers that were the ones actually carried down the aisle or were on that casket at the funeral home.

So…..I do not promise perfect flowers………..but I do promise to do my best with what you have given to me.  And it is an honor to do so.



More than Funeral Flowers!

dsc04850 I admit it.  I love it when someone brings funeral flowers to me.    I actually do more funerals than weddings.  This is the last connect between a client and their loved one and these flowers are treated with the utmost care.  Morbid?  I don’t think so.  Everyone needs something to hang on to while in the grieving process.  I learned the other day that my dear friend, who lost her son several years ago, initially looked into her shadowbox with the usual grief and sadness – at the beginning.  She was still comforted to have it.  But now several years have passed and she views it with different eyes.  It makes her smile and the memories give her great solace.

Truly, this is an honor for me to serve my customers in this way.



“The Flowers Look So Real” she said.



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“The flowers look so real”  she said.  That always amuses me when I get that comment……..and I get it often.  “They are real” I always answer.  And it’s true…….they are.  And isn’t that just the best?  To be able to keep your actual flowers that mean so much to you?

That’s what I’m thinkin’.