I LOVE this story!

Think back to July”ish” 2010.  What were you doing that month?

A mom took her daughter and 2 of her daughter’s friends to a Justin Bieber concert.  The place was rockin’ with over 20,000 screaming fans!  Picture this:  an arena (or whatever) is jammed with human bodies packed together like sardines and YOU get picked out of all those sardines to go up on-stage to be sung to by the “star”!  Wow……..my heart’s beating fast at the thought of it (tho I would be excited over Crosy, Stills and Nash NOT Justin Bieber!).

And……….Lucky me……….I got to preserve the flowers that were given to this young lady.  Let me tell you…….that was fun.  What a memory preserved for her lifetime to enjoy.  Does it get any better than that?  I think not!

Have a great day folks!



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