Old Fashioned & Beautiful!

I don’t update nearly enough.  Maybe it’s the humidity…….maybe the “to do” list is overwhelming…….who knows…….but I got to thinking about this shadowbox the other day and decided this would be my next post.  And maybe I’ll just update by posting the finished orders.  A wonderful grandma had just died and this shadowbox was given as a gift to her daughter.  What I find so precious about this item is the wedding picture of grandma in the frame.  So beautiful.  What a wonderful memory to treasure.  And the tulips!  Could not believe how beautiful the tulips came out.  I’ll tell you what I love…..opening the boxes of flowers buried in silica gel and being amazed at the beauty of the flowers when they’re done drying.  For me it’s like opening Christmas presents and I never tire of it!

May your day be filled with beauty.



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