What’s in a Name?


This young man’s name was Michael R. Peace. Until flowers were brought to me this “name” meant nothing to me because I had never met him……never even knew he existed. He was only 21 when he was killed in a car accident this past November. Once the flowers arrived, however, I was introduced to a young man who was deeply loved by many……..and it made me think.

First of all, 4 shadowboxes were being done for the family as a gift. Each person who was getting one chose the flowers they wanted in their box and certain pictures. Each box was to have the obituary, and the funeral note information and a pinecone in honor of him being an outdoorsman along with the flowers they wanted.

Being one who feels that less is more I stared at all the items that were in front of me for each different box. I wondered how on earth I would get all that “stuff” in there. When I’m working on a bridal box my mantra is “simple elegance”…but can you really have simplicity when it’s a funeral box? I decided “no”. This is a person’s life all wrapped up right here for a loved one to treasure. I learned about Michael just by looking at all the pictures that were facing me. Michael was real and he was loved and he was special and it all has to be captured for the sake of the memory.

I’m not here to tell you that “here at Anne Bruening Originals we will do blah, blah, blah for you and your family”…….

I am here to tell you that my name is Anne Bruening and just like everyone of you out there my name matters to me and with it are associated aspects about my life that people know because they know me. And if I were to die today I wonder what treasures my children might put in a box along with the flowers. Those memories matter.

Your memories matter to me. They will be treated with love.



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