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Bridal Bouquet preserved


I’m sure you’ve noticed in your life that whatever you’re involved in at the time it seems like everyone else is too.  For example,  when I was pregnant with my first born child I was suddenly surrounded by pregos everywhere.  It seemed like the whole world was pregnant.  You catch my drift!  The same happens in the business world I believe. 

It has been my opinion, until I spoke with a fellow comrade who felt differently, that everyone knows about floral preservation.  I’m now learning that perhaps this is not the case.  Lately I’ve signed up on several wedding websites only to see that they have no category for floral preservation…..huh?  You see, when I look up floral preservation on the internet, my computer automatically attracts all the different websites of people who do what I do……..and yet I am discovering that many in the wedding industry do not even acknowledge this business.  This could explain why I get so many calls on a Monday from a frantic mother left with instructions to “find someone who can save this”.  Had they been informed to begin with they wouldn’t have had to call around to 10 or so different flower shops to see if they do it or know anyone who does.

So there you have it.  I would certainly welcome thoughts and ideas that you might have to help spread the word of this particular industry.  There’s nothing like a good brainstorming session to get the creative juices flowing.

In the meantime……..have a great Sunday, and a great Father’s day, and a wonderful day in God’s beautiful world!



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