Floral Preservation for Funerals


It seems like it was just yesterday when I began preserving flowers along with designing dried florals into arrangements for the home or office.  The preservation began, over 12 years ago,  by saving a friends flowers from her moms’ funeral.  I used to watch with interest when people would come into my shop.  They loved looking at flowers that were hanging to dry over head.  (Yes, I used to hang flowers for my clients before the silica gel entered in on the scene.)  Anyway, customers literally loved looking at all the pretty flowers drying and would reach up and touch them.  I would explain about them all while they listened and then watch them quickly jerk their hands away and jump back if I mentioned that the flowers were from a funeral.  You would think they would get some kind of disease just “touching” the funeral flowers! 

Let the record show that this is not how I feel about it at all.  Sometimes I think it’s more important than the preserving of flowers from joyful occasions such as weddings and births.  Why?  Because it is the last close connect with the loved one.  And with that connect are stories that mean the world to the client and which that client shares with me.  I love it.  I love hearing about the loved one and what they were like and what they did while they were here on earth.  It’s important to be an “ear” during this rough time.  Many a client has walked out the door, leaving their flowers with me and also leaving me in tears with what they have just shared.  Precious, precious moments for me.

I am so grateful to have a gift that can help ease the pain a bit when a family member or friend has died.  Truly, my heart knows no greater joy than this service which I offer.  Thank you for trusting me with your precious flowers.



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  1. Hi Anne,
    I just received your thank you card today and I want to say thank you as well. You truly offer that personal touch. You have provided great customer service with your cards and emails to me asking if I liked everything. I decided to take a look at your website today after reading your card and to my wonderful delight you have my shadow box with my father’s funeral flowers posted. It has made me so happy to see this on your site. I just want all your readers and potential customers to know the following:
    I traveled almost an hour and a half to reach Anne’s studio in January 2009 to drop off my father’s funeral flowers to be preserved. I knew of this type of service and knew I wanted to preserve his flowers so that I could have them always in the beautiful form they were first in. I did not know of any place in my area so I googled flower preservation and found Anne’s site. I called her and she explained the procedure and that she was able to provide the service. I delivered the flowers the day after the funeral and Anne was very patient over the month’s as I decided what exactly I wanted to do with the flowers. I guess I could have found someone closer to me who does this, but I believe I was meant to take these precious flowers to Anne. I don’t think anyone else would have taken such care and time in making my shadow box so beautiful! Thank you Anne.
    Denise Cella

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