Does it get any better than this?



FINALLY!!!  An incredibly beautiful weekend in New Wilmington, PA!  We don’t get these that often.  It’s always rainy or cloudy.  Sometimes I feel like we live in London, only without the beauty or fun of being overseas.  We need these kind of days to get through the rough ones when they hit.  God surely has created a very beautiful world indeed.  And if you had a wedding this weekend you certainly had a beautiful one beyond measure.  I’ve got the silica gel in the oven awaiting your bouquet!!!

Enjoy this wonderful Sunday OUTSIDE!  Get off the computer and go have a picnic!



2 Responses to “Does it get any better than this?”

  1. Hi Anne,
    Your barn looks great! I am tired of the cold, snowy weather and looking forward to spring! I miss New Wilmington!

  2. yay! this one worked!

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