Floral Preservation? How pricey is it?



I don’t want to lie to you.  Floral Preservation is not cheap though it varies from one preservation type to another.  Keep in mind that no matter how it’s done it is labor intensive for great care is taken to provide the nicest keepsake with something that you value deeply.  When you come away from somewhere wondering why something costs that amount of money please remember that your flowers did not just magically appear in a shadowbox out of the blue.

If you are choosing freeze-drying consider that the equipment, alone, to do your preserving is quite expensive not to mention a very involved process to get your flowers the way you want them to be.  If you choose my method of choice, silica gel, consider the process: the hundreds of pounds of gel, the oven running 24/7 to dry it back out after it’s been used, the storage space it takes up, and most important – the delicate handling of very fragile flowers when the process is finished and then the designing of them with great care and handling.  All this is measured in and included in the price of the box or wall-frame that you choose.

Can you cut down on the price?  Sure you can.  Consider only saving a few of the flowers if the price is too much to handle.  Many lovely items can be made without you having to give up your arms and legs to have it done.  Shadowboxes come in all shapes and sizes – you don’t need a large box to have a beautiful result.  And perhaps a simple glass box would be enough.  I have done many of those for those who want to save flowers from a loved ones funeral and the same for many mother of the bride flowers.  Even one flower can be enough for a priceless memory.

So don’t let price keep you away.  Where ever you go to have your flowers done make sure you ask lots of questions.  As they say “knowledge is power”.  There are always choices for all price ranges and budgets.  If you only save one flower…….you’ll be very glad that you did!



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