Preserved Flowers Help me think Spring!


It is April 7, 2009.  Here in Pennsylvania we woke up to snow – and whether we liked it or not – we were forced into wearing hats and gloves or freeze being stubborn pretending it might be Spring outside.  I’m getting a little cranky.  I was willing to tolerate snow up to and including March 31!  Now I’m thinking enough is enough.  Not that I haven’t lived through many Aprils which have given us one or two more snowy days mind you……..but that doesn’t mean I have to like it!

And so I was looking through the picture I have yet to add to my galleries and I came upon  this one and it made me feel that sense of Spring and beautiful flowers that I’m looking forward to seeing in other peoples gardens.  Not my garden mind you – Others.  I save flowers…….I do not grow them.  There’s only so much time in my day!   

At any rate, the flowers in this swag were preserved for someone special.  They simply did not want a shadowbox and chose a swag instead.  A nice change and also a way to cut out a bit of expense.  I admit that shadowboxes can get quite pricey (depending on the size one chooses) – and not everyone is going to opt for that.  And so there are many other choices you can have instead.

Don’t let the thoughts of expensive keep you from asking what else you can do.  There are many options to suit all budgets.  I’m always happy to help with paring down the price if that’s what you need.  That keepsake memory is important and I will do what I can to make it a reality for you.

In the meantime……….I’m going to go to bed now……..and pray for warmer whether for April 8, 2009!



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