My Clients are so Creative!!!


” You’re the expert, I’ll leave it up to you!”  That’s what many say to me when we are discussing what a client would like to have done with an arrangement or a shadowbox.  In my mind I often want to look behind me to see who they are talking too when they say “you’re the expert…”  

Honestly?  Many times I am good because of my clients and customers.  They have visions in their minds’ eye and it’s up to me to bring those visions to life.  Take,  for example,  the handkerchiefs in the shadowbox above.  I’m not sure it would have ever occurred to me to display a handkerchief in one of my oval frames.  My head is always thinking “flowers” and floral preservation; so when this client came in with this idea I was thrilled.  “What a great idea” I told her.  These handkerchiefs have beautiful hand tatted lace edging done by a family relative.  She wanted to protect them and save them for her daughters.  She had the idea first and then I got to play with the idea until the vision came to pass. 

Clients and me!  That’s the team.  Listening carefully to what you’re are picturing in your mind  helps me to develop my creativity (that and my great Lord who guides my hands while I work).  Thank you for helping me expand my own visions into reality.  I couldn’t do it without you!



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