Before you comment about the flowers…listen to their story!


The flowers in the oval shadowbox arrangement above came from a bridal bouquet.  Keep this in mind…….they came from a wedding in the Bahamas.  The family had been clients of mine from the past and when they flew to the Bahamas for the wedding they did their darndest to get the flowers back to me.

No, they’re not as pretty as other ones I have had on here or in my Floral Preservation Gallery that you can click on at the top of this site.  But I have to be honest and say that this is not the first set of flowers that were less than perfect when they arrived at my shop.  Here’s the deal……memories are precious….it’s as simple as that.  And for many, whether it be a wedding or a funeral, the flowers are the one tangible thing they have left that they hold on to for the memory. 

My opinion?  I just think it is so cool that they made the attempt.  How could I not try and save something even though the floral appearance was a bit off the mark.  They were worth saving.  And……look at it this way………if this couple stays together for the next 30, 40 or 50 years………well, that will make these flowers even more precious than they are right now.

And that’s how I feel.  Many times people have brought items here that others likely would have thrown away.  Wilted or not, the flowers have a story and should be allowed to tell it.  It is my job to take the flowers and make them as appealing as possible.  Frankly, I love the challenge and I love being able to design something even for the less than perfect item.  It’s that important.

So………if you have flowers you’ve kept in a box somewhere in the basement because they are a treasure to you…….fear not……..I will be happy to design a memory for you! 



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