You Gotta have heart…….

Flowers from a funeral

Flowers preserved from a funeral


I have a friend named Susan.  I first met her at a Business Expo last March.  She and her husband Joe now own The Tavern on the Square restaurant here in our town of New Wilmington.  It just opened yesterday to the public.  They have been restaurant owners for 18 years I believe.  I had eaten their food when they owned another little restaurant not far from my town.  The food was delicious and I love good food.  But what has been the real draw for me is Susan herself. 

Susan is a people magnet.  To me Susan is the ultimate business woman.  She is a servant to all who come through the doors of her restaurant.  She embraces you, loves you, and makes you feel very important.  And the beauty of it all is this – SHE MEANS EVERY BIT OF IT!.  She loves people and she loves community and she loves to serve.  I believe this is what makes a business truly succeed.

I have found through the years that your customers will embrace you if you treat them with respect, honor and love.  It’ll get you through some rough times as well.  We’re all human – we all make mistakes – but in the business world – one mistake can be fatal.  You’ve probably heard it said how 1 bad word of mouth can destroy 50 positive statements about you.  We are a society that is prone to soaking up the “bad news” and steeping in negativity.  “Good news” does not sell.  Well it sells for me.  Bring it on.  Let me be around the people who are positive and caring and serving.  I want to feel those blessings and I want to pass them on as well.

So…………may your day be blessed and surrounded by people who have hearts like my friend Susan.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.



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