What about “not so great looking” flowers


This lovely rose held a special sentiment for the family who brought it here. It had to be saved even though it was beyond its' fresh state and the edges were turning brown.


Many times over the last several years I have had flowers brought here that were in less than ideal condition.  Here is my take on that which probably makes me different from many in this business.  Flowers have a story filled with meaning for the client who comes here.  A most precious rose was delivered to me a month ago – it was worn, broken and 12 to 14 days old.  It was this rose that had to be saved – no substitution with a nice fresh one.  There was the most beautiful story that came with this rose, very personal so I will not divulge it here – at any rate, suffice it to say, if this rose had arrived tattered, wilted and totally brown I would have saved something from it anyway – it was that important to the family.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?  Would you tell them this rose is not very nice, what will people think and say?  NO!  You save the rose – even if you can only save a petal on it!  

An  opportunity given to me several years ago brought me  to this current thinking.  Flowers were brought to me from a wedding.  The mother of the bride wanted a shadowbox done for herself with some special items.  She had the wedding pictures of a great (or maybe it was great, great or more) aunt and uncle.  She also gave me a wax seal from their wedding and a cloth flower from the wedding cake – ALL DATING BACK TO THE 1800’S!!!   Do you know what an honor it was to handle those items that were well over 100 years old?  I admit that I sat at my work table just holding those items in my hand as if they could transport me back in time.  Weathered, brown, brittle and breathtaking! 

I came to some conclusions while working on that order.  If you are still married after 50 years and you still have your flowers to show for it – well, then, you have a treasure indeed, regardless of what they look like.  I’ve been in this business long enough to have been shown several heirlooms by my clients that made them smile over the memories that were preserved.  I think all of it is a treasure and I will do my best to make something beautiful with whatever you bring to me. 

And so, if your bouquet or centerpiece has issues – bring it anyway – we’ll discuss all the possibilities and then you can decide if it’s worth it or not!  Just know this – what ever your story is – happy or heartbreaking – I will always treat it and you and the items you bring with the utmost care.



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