Dried Flowers? Yuk!!! Who would want dried flowers?

Man!  I have got to get used to learning how to use this blogging program!  See picture below and know that it goes with this “story of the day”.  I guess my publishing finger got the best of me as I pressed what I thought was the “preview” button.  You gotta love modern technology tho.  This stuff is so much fun!

Mental Image:  Dried flowers = crusty, flaky, dirty, dusty, drab, boring, ugly.  Pretty picture eh?  It’s been a difficult 19+ years for me trying to explain to people about the beauty of dried flowers.  I’ve had many moments when asked what I do that I have mumbled under my breath “dried flowers”, in a tone so low it was barely audible.

Am I ashamed of my work?  Absolutely not.  As I have stated before, I got into this because I love God’s world so much that I wanted to save as much of it as I could.   My eyes do not see the same things that others do which is why it has been so difficult to promote “beauty” and “dried” in the same sentence.  My daughter told me last year that Oprah had a show on with new decorating ideas and dried flowers were literally trashed.  Wow!  If Oprah says it, it must be so!  That hurt!

“Nature” is always in vogue – it’s just a matter of how you present it.  How many of us have taken long walks and simply enjoyed all of it – from the fresh new bud to the old piece of driftwood tossed aside by brutal weather.  I LOVE IT ALL!  I don’t know why God has given me this gift, but I do know, without a shadow of a doubt that it is totally a gift from Him and I love developing it and sharing it with others.

Do I grow and dry my own flowers? No!  Too much time and energy that I do not have.  I have wonderful sources for the dried and preserved products that I purchase.  HOWEVER – I do dry your flowers!  No matter what is brought to me I will try to save as much of it as I can.  No matter what shape your flowers are in I will save something – it is that important to me because I know it is that important to you!

So what is the picture below this writing?  It is a bridal bouquet that the bride wished to have saved and placed in a shadowbox.  She will have it for years to come!  It is why I do what I do!



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  1. If you haven’t seen dried flowers done right before it is hard to overcome the misconceptions that you list. You are right, though, dried flowers can be very beautiful and artful.

  2. Thank you, Flower Guru, for sharing your comments. I like hearing from people and hope that others will also feel comfortable to add their thoughts. I also enjoyed visiting your website and seeing where your flower shop is located. It looks beautiful. Thanks for stopping by.

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