Homey Studio! Complete with my cats.  I am so blessed!

Homey Studio! Complete with my cats. I am so blessed!

Just a brief glimpse of my studio,  cats and all!  I am blessed because I specialize in dried florals.  Cats are known for specializing in dried floral matter as well.  They love to eat the stuff.  I can’t tell you how many times the last 20 years people have told me that they would love to buy something but their cats would eat it!  I know this is true about the feline species!  Not mine though!  My cats arrived at my shop in a womb, a stray mother looking for a home.  I had one inside cat (in her mid-teens at the time) and had always had DOGS!  My whole life I grew up as a dog lover and nothing but.  Cats!  No way – I wanted nothing to do with them – and swore I’d never have them.  Never say never! 

Long story short – when these “kittens” were born they were welcomed into the world by a complete dog lover and so they were raised as though they were dogs.  I know nothing of raising kittens.  They are my dog-cats.  They come when they are called and have “personalities” beyond measure.  I’ve been told time and again I have the best cats.  And I do!  Best of all, they do not bother my arrangements, in fact, they are not the least bit interested in my stuff, they just want to be near me.  Just like a dog wouldn’t you say?

But I digress.  The title of this blog is “Anne, what the heck are your hours?”.  I guess I have avoided putting this in writing because change is difficult, even for the one who makes the change – and that would be me.  My studio/shop has been open to the public for almost 20 years.  It still is.  You need only to call and set up an appointment and I will be most happy to meet with you.  I simply am not having regular daily “walk-in” hours anymore until Fall and the holiday season.  However – if you come up the driveway – and I am home – voila! – the shop will be open.  That has always been so.  I’ve kind of had a 24/7 mentality because I want to be of service whenever possible.  What I have found over the last 5 years or so, is that my business has taken on a more one on one, custom work angle than a retail walk-in angle.  I literally feel that I can offer better service to my clients by devoting one on one time with them and planning for their appt. rather than being tied to a building.  Many of my clients are rarely able to come during regular business hours and thus have arrived at my doorstep well into the evening (and I’m talking after 9:00pm).  I am happy to do this for them especially when it is important to get flowers here before they wilt anymore.  I’ve done the same for custom orders as well – though those usually come over the phone or through email.  And so – my shop is now open by appointment. 

Come September I will be open on Mondays and Saturdays til the eve before Christmas eve.  I will also have my annual open house (usually the 2 weekend in November) and am already starting to plan and prepare for that.  The studio will be filled with wonderful items for sale for your pleasure or as gifts for those you love.  But let’s not hurry that along as that means winter will be heading our way again – and frankly I look forward to savoring Spring one day at a time!

So – for your convenience – though I believe it is also all over my pages on this website – here is my phone number so that you can make your appointment!  724-946-3300



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