Let’s Talk Trash!


What kind of a title is this for todays’ thought?  Simply this:  when the flowers in this wreath were first brought to me they arrived in a big laundry basket.  The flowers were keepsakes from proms, homecomings, high school musicals, birthdays.  This was one young girl’s treasure of flowers over a 10 year span or so.  There was no order to the mess – just a big heap of old dusty flowers.  That’s the beauty of what I love to do.  It’s a challenge I like to take on.  Can I fashion something “pretty” out of 10 years worth of flowers that have been saved in a pile somewhere?  This is not the first time that someone has brought me flowers like this.  Once I had someone literally take their flowers out of the trash outside because she had pitched them figuring that she would never do anything with them.  I’ve also had several bridal bouquets brought to me that had been put in a box and had just dried “as is” and left there for several years!

So what’s the point of this discussion?  Only this:  if you think your flowers look ugly and nothing can be done with them, think twice before throwing them away!  Give me a call, set up an appt., bring them here and we’ll find something in them to save for you!



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