This is my driveway!  To the right is my studio!  This was yesterday!  Yes, the thought of Spring is looking pretty good these days.  Of course I like to think that Spring will be on time this year since winter has hit hard for a change at the time of year that it is supposed to.  So….we are 1/3 done and it won’t be long before the bulbs will be pushing their way through the ground.  Amen, may it be so!

I love Spring and all that goes with it.  Mostly I love new growth, new buds, new flowers, green grass and yes, even mowing my grass (I’m kind of a freak about mowing).  It is this love for nature that got me started in my business to begin with.  There was once a field adjacent to my property and I used to walk through it and pick “stuff”.  I would get down on my hands and knees and find things that you wouldn’t know existed unless you were down on the ground.  My eyes lit up and my heart pounded as it took in this special beauty I had never noticed before.

And now here I am 19 years later!  I am a wealth of information of what NOT to do if you want to save the beauty that is around you.  I speak at many garden clubs and admit to them freely that I am NO gardener, let alone a master gardener.  You do the planting and cultivating and I’ll tell you how to save what you have grown!  Let me paint for you a different picture of dried flowers than what is in your mind already.

When I was in my 20’s dried flowers were “hot” in retail.  Coming off the hippie generation that would certainly make sense.  The flowers had a look……and they had that look in every store that sold them.  To me, every dried floral wreath, swag, or whatever looked the same.  It was boring, drab, flaky and kind of beat-up looking.  It is this picture that seems to have taken root, I think,  in the minds’ eye of most people.  It is a picture that still exists today.

It is my desire to help you to look with new eyes and think new thoughts.  Whenever I see “fresh” flowers I love them so much that I want to save them – “forever” – if I can.  Dried is not meant to be drab – it is capturing that beauty of God and holding onto for a bit longer than the 3 to 5 days you may have in your fresh flower vase!  This is how I have always operated my business.  My intent has always been to have the best quality flowers on hand to design custom arrangements for my clients – items that would not flake and fall apart and look like what was in every store that carried dried flowers.  It is constantly a learning process and each year is improved upon from the year before.

So, I will leave this for now and carry on more about my “dried life” later.  In the meantime, if you have not had a chance to look at the Flower Preservation gallery or the Showcase gallery than please do.  Just click above and it will take you over to those pages where you will see my work.  It is updated regularly as I finish each project.  Thanks for stopping by!



4 Responses to “I LONG FOR SPRING”

  1. Hi Anne!
    Got your letter this morning and am glad to know I can get in contact with you any time I need my “Anne” fix.
    I am so happy to know there is someone else who can’t wait for the first signs of Spring.
    Love to see the red buds on the maple trees and the yellow green of the willow trees. Right now I would just like to see some green grass!
    Had to shovel paths in the back yard just so our dog had somewhere to run. Snow is deeper than the dog is tall!!
    I am going to love being able to “talk” with you this way.
    Take care —

  2. Betsy, Thank you so much for responding. I appreciate it so much! And I love being in contact better with others as well. Thank you for checking out the website. People like you will help me keep going for sure! I pray that you and your family are well.

  3. Just read your “kitty” stories and thought I would add mine!
    We had a “hand me down” cat. My sister couldn’t take her cat when she moved so we took on that responsibility. I love cats so this was not a hard ship. The only thing was she spent the first week living under the couch! I would push in full cat dishes and bring them out empty in the morning! She finally decided living with us wasn’t so bad after all. Her quirky thing was — she loved powdered sugar donuts! Now we don’t buy them as a rule but once a month we would buy a small package and when she would eat them I swear she had a smile on her face!!
    To make a long story short she passed away last October.
    I wanted another cat but with the holidays coming we decided to wait. Well we went to the Humane Society and found one that seem to fit us. We brought her home last Saturday and she is such a joy.
    She loves the sunshine, playing with a stuffed mouse and running up and down the celler steps. Oh and boxes seem to just fascinate her! She loves laps and will find one any where, even with people she doesn’t know very well. (Kaylie’s caregiver!!!)
    It didn’t take long for her to wind her way into our hearts!
    Was really happy to see some of this snow melting, I think I even saw some grass. I know this won’t last long, but will take what I can get!
    Just makes me think can’t be too far away
    Think I have taken enough of you time – keep warm and God Bless.

  4. Never takes up my time to have a friend drop by and chat…….especially when they share an animal story! I smile with powdered donuts too, by the way. I am ready for spring as well……..but want it on time this year……..so let’s get the winter over with and on it’s way!!! if the warm trend stays too long we’ll only be blasted with a snow storm in April and that will just make me mad!

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