Between the Event & the Floral Preservation- “What do I do with my flowers? HELP!”- Part 1

I could tell you great stories about where some of the flowers have come from that have been dropped off at my shop over the years!  I’m sure I will tell those stories over time as all information is helpful for you to know what to do with your own flowers after your “event” is over.

Simply stated:  Keep your flowers in a cool area, preferably the refridgerator.  Unfortunately we do not tend to have much room in the fridge for our bouquets and centerpieces to be placed next to our leftovers.  The cold helps to stop flowers in their tracks in the maturation process.  Out on the table they open up more and become less firm and thus more difficult to save.

DO NOT PUT YOUR FLOWERS IN THE FREEZER!   Perhaps people think “freezing”  has something to do with a “freeze-dried” process, I don’t know.  What I do know is that you are thinking how beautiful the bouquet is as you peer into the freezer and look at it.  “Ahhhhh”, your heart is pleased!  You have saved that special bouquet for your best friend.  It is time to take it to Anne Bruening Originals!  You proudly enter my shop and my heart drops!   Not only do your flowers now have to thaw….but they will soon be soaked from the thaw, texture changed, flowers browned and ugly, and wilted beyond measure.  Not the quality we’re going for when thinking “gift for my best friend or family member”.  Before you head to the freezer for the big “save”  think “weather report” – we know that when we’re going to have a freeze outside that we must cover and protect our plants – for if they freeze – that’s the end! 

End of Part 1!



(PS- Just a little something to make you re-think putting those flowers in the freezer to “save” them.)

 Surely this is NOT the desired effect you want!

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