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The blog is live now and a whole new world has opened up for me.  What a wonderful tool has been placed into my hands!  I hope to share all kinds of things in this space. 

First thing to alert you to: Anne Bruening Originals website has removed the hours to the shop.  For the month of January all visits to Anne Bruening Originals are by appointment only.  Of course, if you happen to come up the driveway and I am home, you are always welcome to knock on my door and I’ll be happy to come out to the shop with you!  I don’t know about you, but I sure think it has been awfully cold  this month.  January is always a good time for me to revamp the inside of the shop after the busy Holiday season.

I will let you know within the next couple weeks what the new showroom hours will be for the public.  It will be limited for walk-ins as I plan to have the shop available to clients mostly by appointment only.  I feel this is a wonderful way to give good quality time and zone in on YOU alone.  The flowers you bring are important to me because I know how important they are to you.  When we talk together, without interruption,  I am able to  understand better what kind of an arrangement you would like after your flowers have been preserved. 

DO NOT HESTITATE TO CALL ME with your questions.  (724-946-3300) If I can’t answer right away, leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP.  In the meantime, the flowers you have to preserve need to be kept in a cool environment.  NOT A FROZEN environment, however, you’ll lose your flowers!  I think that will be my next blog-speak.  What exactly should you do with your flowers while waiting to get them to someone who can preserve for you?

blessings,  Anne 

PS- just thought I’d put in a picture of Anne Bruening Originals in the Springtime – just to let you know that winter will not last forever!

Springtime at Anne Bruening Originals


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