My First Post – January 12, 2009

Though this won’t be published for public viewing this day, let the record show that the blogging has begun!  And why do I want to blog at all?  The word “blog” has always annoyed me.  We come up with words to keep us up to date with the times.  Blog = Diary!  Whatever I wish to write about I can do right here in my public diary.  This will be an Anne Bruening /Anne Bruening Originals “story”/diary/blog.  After looking at my website for over a year there have been many times I have simply wanted to tell you things.  This has grown so much in my heart that I have been banging on the door of Matt Nelson’s heart to get this going for me.  Matt is my friend, a former Handbell student of mine and a computer nerd with a big computer job and a big computer brain.  I am a very basic computer person who, at age 56, is just beginning to learn the millions of amazing things computers can do.  Matt designed and set up my web-site.  If you wish to know more about Matt you can check out www.nelsonsweb.net .  I know nothing about website design, and right now I do not care to.  I merely wish to talk and be able to upload pictures.  I wish for you to get to know who I am. 

It is my opinion that it is important for the client to know that the business they are working with really cares about them.  This is my way to add to the picture of what Anne Bruening Originals is about.  It’s more than offering you floral preservation.  Anyone can do that.  If you look hard enough you can find someone to take your flowers to and have them preserved.  Why come to me?  Hopefully this question will be answered as you get to know me through my writings.  For now, we’ll just say “hey, I just wrote a first “blog/diary” – thanks for reading!”



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