Floral Preservation – What is it?

zuraskiclosebig.jpgHere is my issue.  The more I research flower preservation the more I am realizing that most of the public DOES NOT know that such a thing exists!  I’m the type of person who absolutely hates SPAM.  Do not flood my computer with ad after ad after ad.  Because of my intense dislike of SPAM (altho – I admit that I am one of the oddities who likes to eat the stuff called spam) – I avoid pushing my service because I hate people like me who do such things.  AND YET…………if I don’t tell you about it how will you know?  Not only that – but I need you to tell others about it as well!

Oh yeah – I’m sentimental and chances are you are too.  We all save memories in various ways.  How many times I have heard “we spent all that money on flowers it’s a shame to just toss them out.”  Well guess what…………you don’t have to!

Food for thought!