Between the Event & the Floral Preservation- “What do I do with my flowers? HELP!”- Part 2

   Yesterday I asked you to please NOT place the flowers you wish to save in your freezer (or outside in winter where they can freeze, or in the garage during bitter cold temperatures) – in other words – Do not place your flowers anywhere that they might freeze.  Enough said!

Keeping them cool, however, is a good thing.  I usually tell my clients not to water their “bouquets” – but that is only if they’ve talked to me first.  Many times I am an after thought and people are doing their best to keep their flowers nice until they can get them somewhere.  Totally understandable!  Let me just say that if you feel you absolutely have to water your bouquet then be very careful to not let the water touch the heads of the flowers.  Talk about a nice browning process which will set in as it sits cooly in the fridge turning brown from being wet!  I’m thinking this is not what you want.

I’ve also had flowers brought to me after having been placed in a nice plastic bag to keep it safe.  This is another no-no as the browning/damp process doubles that of the above paragraph.  NO PLASTIC PLEASE!

Let’s say you have a bouquet that has not been in water all day – you know – one of those beautiful hand-held bouquets that have the look of being fresh picked out of the garden and you carry them off blissfully into the sunset as you wed the handsome prince.  Beautiful thought, truly it is.  Let me tell you, though, that at the end of the wedded bliss day – your flowers will have a bit of a”slump” to them – especially in the heat of August!  These flowers need a little pick- me -up for sure.  You may water them.  Cut off the stems at the bottom – oh, let’s say a quarter inch or even a half inch.  This way the flowers will have a fresh mouth to drink with.  Put them in a vase and get the ends in there and you’ll be good to go.  If you can fit that vase into your fridge – even better. 

Their are some savvy florists out there nowadays who make the bouquets appear “fresh-picked”  by placing the stems around the handle of the bouquet holder while the flowers heads and greens are separated from those stems and sitting in floral oasis.  Smart and lovely.  I have oftened been amused at how many times those kind of bouquets have come to me sitting in a vase full of water while the owner never had a clue that those stems were not actually attached to anything but the plastic!  And in such a case – setting them in water won’t do a thing!

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